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Do you order Hill's Science Diet foods, Healthy Advantage, or Hills Prescription Diet?



You can now order these diets through Felton Veterinary Services. Both provide free shipping on all orders. (Sites like Chewy typically have a minimum for free shipping).



If you sign up for auto-ship - you’ll also get 30% off your first auto-ship order and 5% off future auto-ship orders for Hills.




You'll also get the advantage that we can approve prescriptions more efficiently through our internal channels as compared to external sites such as Chewy.



Please note that Hill's Healthy Advantage is a special diet that is provided exclusively through your veterinarian, and Hill's Prescription Diets are pet foods that must be approved by your veterinarian. We strongly recommend that you always order these diets from a trusted source.



To order your foods via Felton Veterinary Services simply click on the Purina or Hills logo below. Thank you.

By appointment only. Please email feltonvet@gmail.com to inquire about an over the phone consultation or for dispensing medication. Thank you.







Heartgard 12 pk + Nexgard 12 pk = $60 Rebate

Heartgard 12 pk + Nexgard 6 pk = $35 Rebate

Heartgard 6 pk + Nexgard 6 pk = $25 Rebate





Heartgard 12 pk = $12 Rebate

Nexgard 6 pk = Get 1 dose Free

Revolution Plus 6 pk = $15 Rebate

Revolution Plus 12 pk = $35 Rebate

Simparica 6 pk = $15 Rebate

Simparica 12 pk = $35 Rebate





Purina VetDirect

COUPON CODE: TAKE30 to get 30% off Autoshipping

Link: https://buff.ly/30Q3oCs

Includes all Purina Products such as Dental Diet and Fortiflora that will ship directly to your home for free.




Email us about our ongoing in-house specials on heartworm prevention, other

medications, flea and tick control, and prescription diets that are not

available from online sellers.


Our Hours:

4/6/20: FVS Notice. We are suspending face to face visits but will continue

to provide over the phone consultations and dispense medication. Warm

weather is here, and heartworm, flea, and tick season has arrived. Please

contact us for the appropriate medication for your pets.

Stay safe and take care.

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Hills Pet Nutrition has a mission to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. Learn more about Science Diet and Prescription Diet pet foods at HillsPet.com.

COVID-19 Support:


The ASPCA has partnered with the city to create COVID-19 relief for people who need help for their pets. Not only do they provide things such as emergency health care but free food and temporary shelter for people who are sick with COVID-19 and cannot take care of their pets. Please share!